Who is Mrs Delacroix in the lottery?

Mrs. Delacroix is a housewife and the mother of young Dickie Delacroix. She is mild mannered and encourages Tessie to “be a good sport” when her family’s name is drawn. Horace Dunbar is a boy who is not old enough to select a slip on behalf of his family.

What does Mrs Delacroix symbolize in the lottery?

The symbolic name of Delacroix, means “of the cross in Latin” (Dictionary.com). It also implied to Tessie Hutchison’s sacrificial killing. At the beginning of the story, Mrs. … His name reference to being the individual who has control over whose grave it will be next.

Why is Delacroix ironic in the lottery?

Graves assists Mr. Summers in the process of the lottery. There’s irony because his name means a grave, a place where people are placed in when they die. … Their name, “Delacroix,” literally translates to “of the cross.” In Christianity, the cross represents the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Why does Mrs Delacroix pick up a large stone?

Mrs. Delacroix (of the cross) does not refuse to throw stones; however, she can refuse to hit the mark. She picks a large stone because she doesn’t actually want to hit her friend.

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Who is Mrs Graves in the lottery?

Graves is the wife of Mr. Graves. She is a friend of both Mrs. Delacroix and Mrs.

What does the name Tessie symbolize?

Greek Baby Names Meaning:

In Greek Baby Names the meaning of the name Tessie is: Reaper; from Therasia.

What does Mr Hutchinson symbolize in the lottery?

Hutchinson–which mean late arrival. Warner–which mean serious. “Warns” the others about the better days of the past.

What does the name Tessie Hutchinson symbolize in the lottery?

Tessie Hutchinson

This name is an allusion to Anne Hutchinson, a prominent woman in colonial America who has become a symbol for religious protesters. Anne challenged the religious interpretations of the established Puritan clergy in Massachusetts and was banished from the Massachusetts Bay colony.

What does the black dot symbolize in the lottery?

In the story, “The Lottery,” the black box symbolizes the judgment of the members of the town. The list of names represent those who will be judged—one of whom will die. The black spot is symbolic of the person from the town who is chosen to die.

Why is the ending of the lottery so shocking?

Jackson defers the revelation of the lottery’s true purpose until the very end of the story, when “the winner,” Tess Hutchison, is stoned to death by friends and family. This shocking event marks a dramatic turning point in how we understand the story.

How does Mrs Delacroix feel about Tessie Hutchinson?

So, while she prattles about Tessie Hutchinson’s being on time and is friendly to her, she also impatiently urges Tessie to “be a good sport” about drawing names for the trivial reason, “All of us took the same chance.” … Moreover, this sadism provides her another reason to rationalize the purpose of the lottery.

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Why does Mrs Hutchinson take issue with the lottery?

The lottery “winner” is stoned to death. Thus, when Mrs. Hutchinson’s ticket is drawn and her name is called, she is upset because she knows that the town is about to sacrifice her by executing her through a stoning.

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