What guitar did Jack Black use in Tenacious D?

it was indeed gibson, and it is not a production model. it was made specially for the film.

What kind of guitar does Jack Black play in Tenacious D?

in The Pick Of Destiny, Jack Black has an awsome acoustic guitar. sort of like a SG, with similer “devil horns”.

Does Jack Black actually play guitar?

Jack Black isn’t a guitarist, he’s a singer and performer – damn good one too. His guitar chops are competent but basic.

Where did Jack Black learn guitar?

He began playing at 23, exchanging fast food for guitar lessons from his acting buddy and future Tenacious D bandmate (and co-star) Kyle Gass.

Does Jack Johnson use a pick?

lighter guage strings. when you smack your hand against them, they create a sharper percussive sound. Don’t use a pick.

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