Quick Answer: What is a tote place bet?

The Tote Place bet is one in which you back a single horse to place in a race with a minimum stake of 50p, and your selection must win or place for a return. Tote Place bets are offered on all races that have five or more runners and are one of the most popular the Tote offers.

What is a Tote win bet?

With a Tote Win bet, you pick a horse to win an individual race. … Quite often, our customers will place half their stake on a Win bet and half on the Place pool to have an “each-way” bet. You can place a Win bet on any race with two or more runners, but a Place bet requires at least five, unless otherwise stated.

What is fixed win and tote win?

Fixed-odds bookmakers set their own prices so the odds on offer will reflect the opinion of the odds compilers around the race rather than where punters’ money is going. Secondly, Tote Win bets are always paid out at the Tote Win dividend assigned to the winning horse at the start of the race.

What is Tote each way?

An ‘EachWay Bet includes both a ‘Win bet’ and a ‘Place Bet’ in the one bet. If your horse wins the race, you will receive a payout on the Win bet the Place bet. Should your runner finish 2nd or 3rd, you will receive a payout for your Place Bet only.

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How is the tote calculated?

The Tote essentially works in a similar way to the lottery. Punters pick their horses and put their money into a cumulative pool – everyone with a winning ticket shares a percentage of the pot. If fewer people backed your horse, you will get a greater share if it wins.

Is tote or fixed better?

Since the payouts in totes bets are an approximation that gets better as the race draws nearer, it’s often worth waiting before placing your bet. In contrast, if you really want to back the favourite, perhaps fixed odds are the best way to go (so you avoid your winnings being diluted as more people make the same bet).

What is a tote price?

It stands for Top Fluctuation and is offered by the likes of BetEasy and Sportsbet. You get the best tote price from all the official on-course bookmakers, which provides you with some security.

What does best tote mean?

What is Best Tote? The Best Tote bet type pays bettors the highest dividend declared by the three national totes. The VIC TAB, NSW TAB and, UBet, all run separate pari-mutuel betting pools on the same horse race. Dividends can often vary, so the Best Tote product guarantees punters the highest of the three prices.

How much do you win on a place bet?

Place payoffs typically pay between $3.00 and $10.00, but can pay more with longshots and less with overwhelming favorites. Since the money you win in a place bet is generated by all of the money bet on the losing horses, the more horses in the race the greater your chances for a larger place payoff.

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How much is a $10 Win Place Show bet?

If you place a $10 each-way bet with a place and show bet, you will end up paying $20 ($10 is allocated to the place bet, while another $10 is allocated to the show bet). Your selected horse merely needs to finish second to win both bets or finish in third to win half of your bet.

How much does a $2 Win Place Show bet cost?

If it is second, you collect on place and show and if it is third you collect on only the show part of the bet. Win/Place or Place/Show: Simply a combination of win & place or place & show. There are two combinations, so a $2 bet would cost $4 in total.

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