Frequent question: When was Sibaya casino built?

More jobs will be created once work starts on the Sibaya resort, which is expected to open in December 2002.

When did Sibaya open?

Cape Town – Sun International Ltd, one of South Africa’s largest hotel and gaming groups, will open its Sibaya Casino & Entertainment Kingdom in Umhlanga, outside Durban, on November 19.

Is Sibaya casino open during lockdown?

We are excited to announce that Sibaya Casino is NOW OPEN and we can’t wait to see you! 08h00 – 21h00 daily. Don’t forget to bring your mask.

What area is Sibaya?


Located on KwaZulu-Natal’s North Coast, Sibaya Coastal Precinct consists of around 1 000 hectares of coastal landscape between the Ohlanga and uMdloti estuaries.

What is the meaning of Sibaya?

This, of course, is reflected in the title Isibaya, which means “the kraal” (where a herd of cattle and goats are kept), but is also a colloquial reference to a fleet of taxis and new wealth.

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