Can you bet on TwinSpires in Georgia?

TwinSpires is not accessible from Georgia. However, many other online racebooks are available to those living in Georgia for betting on the Kentucky Derby including BetUS, which offers a generous welcome bonus and track odds (max bonus $2500)

What states can you bet TwinSpires?

A: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and …

Where is TwinSpires located?

Find Northville Downs harness racing in the fall. Live Racing is typically offered on Friday and Saturday Nights. Located at 301 S. Center Street, Northville, MI.

Can I bet on TwinSpires?

WAGERING. Go to and sign in using your unique username and password. TwinSpires Players may also use the following phone number to place wagers, check on account status or access player services, 1-877-SPIRES-1 (1-877-774-7371) at any time between 9:00am to 12:00am Eastern.

Can I bet on horse racing online in Georgia?

BUSR is the best place for you to bet on the horses in Georgia. Now you can bet from your computer or mobile device at Sign up now and get a $500 Welcome Bonus.

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Is it illegal to bet on every horse in a race?

You can bet on all the horse in the race. But you will not win any money over the longterm, that’s FOR CERTAIN. In a nutshell bookies are legalised conmen they trade in offering punters poor value odds. So if you you lap-up all the odds you getting a truely aweful deal.

How do I get my winnings from TwinSpires?

We offer several methods for easy withdrawal: Online: To submit a withdrawal request from the main wagering page, click on the My Account icon in the top right hand corner of the site – it should look like a person in a small circle. From the list of options, select “My Funds” and then “Withdraw”.

Does TwinSpires charge a fee?

How much does it cost to maintain and transfer funds? We do not charge fees for using EZbank through our system. Consult with your bank to verify if they charge additional fees. Transactions returned for any reason will result in a $25 per transaction charge to a player’s account.

Is TwinSpires a safe website?

TwinSpires shows the races live on their website via streaming video. … But back to the main point, yes, TwinSpires is legit. It is located in the US and even has an actual mailing address in Kentucky. You don’t see that often when it comes to online betting.

How can I watch the races on TwinSpires?

If it’s happening in the horse-racing world, members will know about it. Sign up with, there are never any fees to wager, and you’ll get unlimited race replays from our expansive library and TwinSpires TV. Get all the live horse racing information you need as it happens – it’s all here.

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How do I make an exacta bet?

For starters, an exacta can be a simple wager. If you like two horses equally, you can just box them in the exacta and collect so long as they finish 1-2 in any order. If you like one of them a little more, you can then bet more on the one you prefer, say $10 on a 1-2 exacta and $5 on 2-1.

What does M and PL mean in horse racing?

The morning-line odds are the odds printed in the program or in the newspaper alongside the entries in the race. They are set by a track employee, usually a handicapper but not always, and are supposed to represent how that individual believes the betting will ultimately shake out for the race at post time.

Is EZ Money Safe?

At EZ Money, we use Western Union Money Transfers to ensure your funds are safely and securely transferred to its recipient.

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