Who is the lady that owns BET?

Debra Lee
Spouse(s) Randall Coleman
Children 2
Education Brown University (BA) Harvard University (JD, MPP)

How much is Debra Lee Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Debra L Lee is at least $2.19 Million dollars as of 15 September 2017.

Was Debra Lee married to Bob Johnson?

BET spokesman Michael Lewellen told us Friday that neither Johnson nor Lee would comment, adding, “This was an unauthorized biography and Bob Johnson did not participate in the writing of the book.” As for any relationship between Lee and her boss, Lewellen said: “Bob Johnson is divorced and Ms. Lee is divorced and …

Who is the CEO of BET television?

Does BET stand for?

BET. Black Entertainment Television network. Community » News & Media.

Is Debra L Lee White?

Ms. Lee is the first African-American, and the third woman, to serve on the company’s board.

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