How many square feet is Angel of the Winds Casino?

Angel of the Winds casino is opening 300,000 square feet of new gaming, eating and entertainment venues in the coming weeks.

What tribe is Angel of the Winds casino?

Angel Of The Winds Casino Resort is owned by the Stillaguamish Tribe, which opened the casino in October 2004 on its tribal land.

Is Angel of the Winds 18+?

Guests must be 18+ to gamble, 21+ to consume alcohol, and 21+ to book a hotel room. Minors must be accompanied by an adult or a Security Officer at all times while on the gaming floor. Barred and excluded guests forfeit the right to collect winnings, prizes, and awards.

Is there a pool at Angel of the Winds?

No they do not have a pool.

Where is the Stillaguamish tribe located?

We have several tribal facilities and businesses located on the reservation, near the Stillaguamish River, in Snohomish County, Washington. Our Tribal headquarters are located in Arlington, Washington.

Can you smoke in Chinook winds?

Smoking will be permitted in established outdoor smoking areas. Additionally, facemasks or face shields will be required of employees and guests, and casino occupancy will be limited to 1,000 people.

What is Chinook Winds Casino Resort brand slogan?

For Chinook Winds Casino and Resort, “Form Follows Function”, this Branding tagline we created in 1986 during the first economic recession and was the start of 2-figure growth for the Chinook Winds Casino and Resort.

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