Can you screed over Black Jack?

When dry, a sand/cement or concrete screed of approximately 50mm thick is then laid over the BLACK JACK DPM membrane. If a condition of rising damp exists, the best form of treatment is the insertion of a damp proof course. … Allow the final coat to become tacky, then blind with clean, sharp sand.

How long does Black Jack DPM take to dry?

Yes it will fully dry, needs at least 48 hours to throughly dry & it does smell, used it to water proof a internal wall before rendering.

Can I tile over DPM?

Whether or not floor should be broken out depends on its condition. This can be left in place However, a surface damp proof membrane (DPM) can be applied to the floor before laying new tiles. It may be necessary to cover the surface DPM with a latex smoothing underlayment before laying the tiles.

Can blackjack be painted over?

2 Answers from MyBuilder Painters & Decorators. rizla_83 i would recommend a light coloured masonry paint, which is used for concrete and brick. As the blackjack paint is rubber enriched bitumen emulsion it may bleed through other paints so i would also recommend a primer coat of paint before painting with masonry.

Can you plaster over Black Jack DPM?


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Allow at least 48 hours before plastering or rendering (at least 6mm thickness) NOTE if gloss or alkyd paints are to be used as a decorative finish, the plaster over the BLACK JACK DPM must be applied in two coats to give a minimum total thickness of 15mm.

Does Black Jack dry?

Allow each coat to dry before recoating: 12-24 hours depending on conditions. Full cure varies from 3-7 days depending on conditions. Full cure before burying is crucial. For very porous surfaces a primer coat of 50% water and 50% of Blackjack should be used.

Does tile adhesive stick to concrete?

In most cases, it is OK to lay tiles directly onto concrete. But make sure the surface is free of any contaminants, dust, moisture, etc, as these can prevent the adhesive from bonding. If the concrete floor is not in good condition, or may be at risk of cracking, an uncoupling membrane is recommended.

How long does blackjack paint last?

24 months from date of manufacture in tightly sealed, undamaged containers.

How do you use black jack?

Apply 2 coats of Black Jack roof coating with a brush, allowing the first coat to dry before the second. First, remove loose chippings. If there are any defects wider than 0.75mm, fill in first with Bitumen Mastic and allow to dry. Any blisters should be opened and cleaned.

What is Black Jack waterproofing?

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. EVERBUILD® BLACK JACK® 908 D.P.M. is an odourless rubber-enriched bitumen emulsion which provides a highly effective sandwich dampproof membrane for floors. Also acts as a waterproofer for walls, above ground structures and foundations.

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