Can I bet on you meaning?

To have confidence in one’s or someone else’s abilities. I don’t often bet on myself, but I’m trying to think more positively these days. I’m betting on my son to get the job—he’s very qualified for the position.

What does it mean to take a bet on someone?

DEFINITIONS1. an agreement in which you bet money on what will happen, or the amount of money that you bet. have a bet on someone/something: He likes to have a bet on his home team, even though they always lose.

Can you bet on it?

To be certain that something will happen (so much so that one would bet money on it). Oh, Kevin’s never on time, so he will be late tonight—you can bet on it. See also: bet with.

Can we bet meaning?

You use I bet or I’ll bet in reply to a statement to show that you agree with it or that you expected it to be true, usually when you are annoyed or amused by it.

Can u bet on yourself?

To make this clear, I first need to lay out the one circumstance in which betting on yourself is acceptable: It is ethically O.K. for an athlete to bet on himself to win if he always bets on himself, always bets the same amount and does so through legal, state-sanctioned means.

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How do you respond to bet?

How do you respond to an alright bet? Thank you! It slang for alright or confirming something.

What does bet it up mean?

To make one’s bet

@chromathicca I went to that Instagram post to double check, I now have learned a new slang term “Bet that up” is a slang term of affirmation, agreement, or approval along the lines of “Cool!” or “I’m down!” It can also suggest doubt or disbelief: “Yeah, sure.”

Does you bet mean you’re welcome?

(idiomatic, informal) Certainly; you’re welcome; a reply to thank you or to a request. “Hey, thanks for all your hard work yesterday.”/”You bet!” (idiomatic) Expresses support, agreement, certainty or emphasis. …

Do you say I bet or I’ll bet?

“I bet” is in Simple Present Tense. This statement if indefinite and not emphatic or forceful. “I’ll bet” is in Simple Future Tense. The use of ‘will’ in the first person indicates guarantee, determination, willingness and emphasises with more force.

What can I say instead of I bet?

What is another word for you bet?

amen agreed
without a doubt unquestionably
naturally sure thing
without question without doubt
yeah alright
World of excitement