Your question: How many different possible outcomes are there if you roll 4 six sided dice?

When you roll four standard six sided dice there are 1296 equally likely outcomes.

How many outcomes does a 4-sided die have?

A fair 4-sided die is rolled twice and we assume that all sixteen possible outcomes are equally likely.

What is the probability of rolling a 3 on a 4 sided die?

Two (6-sided) dice roll probability table

Roll a… Probability
3 3/36 (8.333%)
4 6/36 (16.667%)
5 10/36 (27.778%)
6 15/36 (41.667%)

How many outcomes are there when tossing a 4 sided die 3 times?

8 possible results (two outcomes for the first two dice multiplied by four outcomes for the third die: 3, 4, 5, or 6)

What are the odds of rolling a 7?

Probabilities for the two dice

Total Number of combinations Probability
5 4 11.11%
6 5 13.89%
7 6 16.67%
8 5 13.89%

How many combinations of 5 dice are there?

5 dice. Now things are getting a little busy! There are 7776 possible combinations for five dice.

What is the chance of rolling a 4 with a single die four times in a row?

Answer: i did 1/6 to the 4th and got 1/1296. Hope it helps!

When rolling a die 100 times what is the probability of rolling a 6 exactly 20 times?

Assuming that each roll is independent, you have a 1/6 chance of rolling a 6. You want to find the probability of it rolling a 6 twenty times out of 100, so we have (1/6)^20. Here the order doesn’t matter so multiply this by (100/20). For eighty times, you will have (5/6)^80 chance in rolling a die that is not a 6.

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