You asked: What’s the name of the casino in Bay St Louis?

Can you smoke at the Silver Slipper casino?

We have non-smoking and smoking rooms as well as handicap accessible rooms.

How do I get a free buffet at Silver Slipper?

Earn 100 Tier Points within 2 days of sign-up to play the New Member kiosk game to win up to $1,000 Free Slot Play and receive a free buffet to use in the next 7 days!

Can children eat at the Silver Slipper?

2 answers. Yes, children can dine in the buffet with a guardian 21+ years of age however we do not have special pricing for children.

Are drinks free at Hollywood Casino WV?

drinks are free casino floor if you are playing. … As long as you are playing the tables or slots, then drinks are on the casino. over a year ago.

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