You asked: What does dice dice mean in brain teaser?

DICE DICE = paradise (pair of dice) MAN BOARD = man overboard (man over board)

What is Ecnalg brain teaser?

The word ecnalg is used in Leet, Puzzle meaning glance backwards,backwards glance.

What is Manboard?

1 : a member of a board. 2 : one who works at a board.

What is III I over oo mean?

Here you go!, ‘III I over OO’ answer, this program puzzle answer will leave you shocked! The answer to this puzzle is circle under the eyes. II hints at eye. OO refer to the circles. The placement is so that the words are under the II are circles.

What does ban Ana mean?

A banana is a curved, yellow fruit with a thick skin and soft sweet flesh. … To “go bananas” is a slangy way of saying “go crazy” or act ridiculous, and if someone refers to the “top banana,” they mean the most important person in a particular group.

What does III I mean?

Rating. III. Interstate Identification Index. Governmental » Law & Legal.

What does O MD PhD BS mean?

Zero is a degree. MD, PhD and BS are degrees. The placement is so that the words are under the zero. Thus the answer is three degrees below 0. Also Read | ‘Find The Panda In The Picture’: Here’s The Answer To This Difficult Riddle.

What does Pofishnd mean?


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How do brain teasers work?

How to Approach Brain Teaser Questions

  1. Think about the question. When the interviewer reads out the question, don’t be tempted to give the first answer that you think of. …
  2. Clarification. If you are not sure about something, ask for clarification. …
  3. Follow through logically.
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