What is the Arkansas Lottery Challenge scholarship?

The Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship (Arkansas Challenge) provides assistance to Arkansas residents pursing a higher education and is partially funded by the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery and is the most common form of state aid available.

What are the requirements for the Arkansas Academic Challenge scholarship?

Be an Arkansas resident (at least 12 months prior to enrollment) and US citizen/lawful permanent resident. Be accepted for admission at an approved institution of higher education in a program of study that leads to a baccalaureate degree, associate degree, qualified certificate, or a nursing school diploma.

Do you have to reapply for the Arkansas Academic Challenge scholarship?

You do not have to reapply for the Academic Challenge Scholarship, the Governor’s Scholarships, the Law Enforcement Officers program, the Military Dependents Scholarship, or the Arkansas Health Education Grants. … Grant) is also renewed automatically, but you must complete a new FAFSA each year to show continued need.

Does the Arkansas Challenge scholarship transfer?

A recipient who has received an Academic Challenge Scholarship may transfer the scholarship or loan to another approved Arkansas institution of higher education, provided that: 1.

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How much money do you get from the Arkansas lottery Scholarship?

Those named National Merit Finalists or National Achievement Scholars may qualify without meeting the GPA requirement but must still meet the ACT/SAT requirement. The scholarship pays tuition, mandatory fees, and room and board up to $10,000 per year.

Do you have to apply for Arkansas lottery scholarship every year?

Do I have to apply every year? No. Once you are awarded the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship the award will automatically renew as long as you meet the renewal criteria. The Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship is renewable for up to 4 years.

In what year does the college countdown tell you to start applying for scholarships?

10. In what year does the “College Countdown” tell you to start applying for scholarships? P. 22-23 Junior Year 11.

Can scholarships be put on hold?

It is not necessary to put a scholarship on hold to prevent it from paying before the scheduled payment date unless there is a reason the scholarship should not pay out on the scheduled date.

How do I apply for UCA scholarships?

How to Apply for Academic Scholarships

  1. Apply for Admission to UCA by January 24, 2022. …
  2. Meet all eligibility requirements of the 2022-2023 Academic Scholarship Policy by the scholarship deadline listed.
  3. Submit a separate application/resume by January 24, 2022 to be considered for the Distinguished Scholarship.

Can a college cancel your scholarship?

The decision is completely up to the college, and they can choose not to offer the scholarship for any reason. These are risky scholarships for athletes, such as Bart. Athletes often ‘lose’ their scholarships simply because the coach finds a player he likes better, the athlete is injured, or the coaching staff changes.

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