Quick Answer: Why does Marty not want to buy the casino?

The key point is that he wants to avoid buying the new casino at all costs, but cannot do so overtly without having the cartel take action against him. He had to stop this at all costs, do it fast and without it pointing back at him (which means without using the cartel resources).

Does Marty open the casino?

Marty was all over TV and just opened up a huge casino. … Especially considering there were only a handful of casinos in the local area and surely a big new opening would have caught their eye.

Why did Wanted kill Marty?

The pair had been money laundering for the Navarro Cartel, but Del had his suspicions money was being stolen, prompting him to murder Bruce right in front of Marty when he was proved correct.

Do the Byrdes get the second casino?

Finally, a warrant is delivered, triggered the minute the Byrdes purchased a second casino. It’s an integrated, constant audit of the entire operation. They will be supervised with every transaction at the Missouri Belle.

Did Wendy byrde sleep with Wilkes?

It’s revealing, then, that sleeping with Wilkes in order to persuade him to use his leverage against a recalcitrant state senator is the thing that stops Wendy Byrde short, though whether it reveals more about the Byrdes or about the real people writing this show is open to debate.

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Why did they cut the horse’s balls off in Ozark?

A Reality Check: Wendy, Oly, Helen, Omar

Hence why she ends up pretty shocked when he instructs her to buy a horse farm, seemingly as an investment, only to learn he wanted it to cut the testicles off of one of the horses. … Well, because the horse belongs to Castel Lagunez, who Omar is at war with.

What was blown up at the end of Ozark?

Marty, meanwhile, makes powerful enemies in Ozark Season 2 in the form of the Kansas City mob. Marty agrees with the Missouri Gaming Committee’s decision that they don’t want mob involvement in the casino, so Marty cuts out boss Frank Cosgrove (John Bedford Lloyd), who ends the season by blowing up Marty’s office.

Does Marty die Wendy?

After an epic final scene in Ozark Season 3, fans took to social media to discuss the dramatic ending and many deaths. Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) are still alive.

Why did Del let Marty live?

Marty managed to convince Del to let him live in order to keep operating and cleaning money in the Ozarks. … However, it was a problem with one of Del’s ‘lieutenants’ Garcia (Joseph Melendez) which posed one of the biggest hiccups in Del and Marty’s working relationship.

Why did they kill Del Rio?

Del’s death was ultimately a way of moving the story forward and setting the tone for the future of the series. … She was shot dead after turning up at Navarro’s compound with Marty and Wendy (Laura Linney) and it left the Byrde couple feeling shocked.

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Why did Wendy’s brother get fired?

He was working as a substitute teacher when he lost his temper when one of his students had a compromising picture sent to the whole class. He collected all his students phones, threw them into a wood chipper, and then assaulted a nearby worker, subsequently getting fired from his job.

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