How much does dice cost for employers?

Dice caters to technical and engineering professionals and reaches 1.5 million users per month. For a 30-day single job posting, you’ll pay $395. Beyond that, two job posts costs $325 each, three job posts costs $305 each, and five to ten job posts costs $250 each.

How much is dice for employers?

What does it cost to post a job on Dice? Dice’s pricing starts at $395.00 per single job post but the more jobs you post, the less you pay per post.

TalentSearch pricing starts at $6000.00 per user, per year. They do not have a free version. TalentSearch does not offer a free trial.

Is dice a good company?

Dice has quality resumes even though resumes available are less for every position for anyone looking into. Nevertheless, it is is one of the best job board with positions which are tough to fill. There are still lot of positions, which are tough to source but Dice makes it easy.

How do I get my resume from Dice?

How can I search and import resumes from Dice?

  1. Select the “quick links” menu in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Select “Advanced Search”
  3. Click on the Dice tab.
  4. Select the job board account and click “Enable Session”
  5. Enter search criteria and hit “Search”
  6. Select the applicant resumes you want to download.
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What is the cost of dice?

Dice has a pay-per-post pricing structure and here’s its breakdown: Single job post: $395. Two job posts: $325 each. Three job posts: $305 each‍

Is die or dice plural?

Die is the singular form of dice. It comes from the French word des, a plural word for the same objects. In English, the most common way to make nouns plural is to add an S.

How do you find candidates in dice?

Search Agents: Step by Step

  1. Log into Dice.
  2. Select “Post Jobs & Find Candidates” from the top menu and click “Search”
  3. Enter your search criteria and click the “Search Candidates” button.
  4. On the upper right side of the Search Results page, click the “Save Search” button.

Which is better dice or indeed?

Reviewers felt that Dice meets the needs of their business better than Indeed Hiring Platform. When comparing quality of ongoing product support, reviewers felt that Dice is the preferred option. For feature updates and roadmaps, our reviewers preferred the direction of Indeed Hiring Platform over Dice.

Does dice waiting list work?

When a show sells out, the Waiting List is activated and fans can start signing up. 2. If a ticket holder can’t attend the show, they can easily return their tickets to DICE. … As soon as the tickets have been accepted, a refund is processed for the fan who returned them.

How do I post a job on Dice?

Log into Dice at On the top left of the page, click Jobs and select Post a Job.

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Where can I find resumes?

Below, we have rounded up the best free resume search sites that allow employers to search for resumes according to the industry and location.

Resume Search

  • PostJobFree. …
  • Job Spider. …
  • Ladders. …
  • Jobvertise. …
  • Learn4Good. …
  • Craigslist. …
  • Resume-Library. …
  • AngelList.
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