How much can I bet with Odibet?

Maximum Bet Amount: The maximum betting amount for a single bet is Kshs 50,000. Maximum Bet Amount: The maximum betting amount for a multi bet is Kshs 50,000.

How much does it cost to withdraw 200 from Odibet?

Enter the amount you wish to withdraw (minimum 200/=) International Bank Transferred are charged with $16.5 per transfer. 100 to withdraw.

Can you bet with Odibet bonus?

You can claim the bonus by simply clicking on ‘Submit freebet‘ and placing a bet on the day’s freebet game. If there is no game selected then you can select on your own. The Odibets Freebet bonus is to be used on one single bet only. … You are also free to deposit money into your Odibets account to use for placing bets.

How much does it cost to deposit in Odibet?

Offer on First Deposit

The bookmaker Odibet has an offer where their new and existing customers get cash refunds on their first deposit into their accounts every new day. This is done for deposits of Kshs. 49 and above. This offer encourages more users to place a bet daily.

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How can I bet on Odibet jackpot?

How to Place a Bet with Odibets. Join, sms ODI to 29680. To bet sms your prediction to 29680.

Does SportyBet have cash out?

SportyBet Cashout Option

SportyBet offers a partial cash-out option where you can cash out your betting slip prematurely. However, you may regret your decision if your betting team wins, and therefore if the betting amount is small, it is not worth taking the risk.

How do I redeem my Odibet points?

How to redeem the FreeBet

  1. Select Home team win (1), draw (X) or away team win (2), from day’s freebet game.
  2. Enter your phone number.
  3. Choose your account password (6 or more characters)
  4. Select ‘Submit Freebet’ to place the bet.

How do I claim my free bet?

Claiming your Betway Free Bet

  1. Sign into the Betway site.
  2. View your Free Bet Balance in the top right hand corner, by your cash balance.
  3. Make your betting selections and add your bets to your Betslip.
  4. When placing a single bet click on “Use my Free Bet” to use your free bet instead of cash.
  5. Confirm your bet.

How can I withdraw my bonus from Odibet?

Withdrawing on Odibets

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your Odibets account.
  2. Go to my account page.
  3. Click on withdraw and if required, enter your names.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, the minimum being 200.
  5. Your withdrawal will be sent to your Mpesa.

What happens when you lose one game in Odibet?

Cashback if your first bet of the day loses

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Odibets has a 50% stake refund on your first cash bet of the day if you used Ksh 30/= and above to place it, and you lost the bet. This refund, however, is on stakes of up to Ksh 200/=.

How do I deposit on odd bet?

To deposit money in your OdiBets account is easy.

  1. Go to the Mpesa menu on your phone, and transfer money using the OdiBets Paybill number 290680 use account number ODI or your name.
  2. Your OdiBets account will be credited automatically. …
  3. You are now ready to play.

How does Odibet bonus work?

OdiBets customers stand to enjoy a 50/= bonus upon placement of 5 bets worth 50/= and above within 7 days. – The promotion is eligible to all new and existing customers. … – You will be awarded a 50/= bonus stake after placing the 5 bets worth atleast 50/= each. – The maximum bonus is 50/= in every 7 days.

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