How many coats does Black Jack 57 have?

Black Jack® 6080-9-30 Rubr-Coat #57 Premium Rubberized Fibered Coating, 4.75 Gal.

How long does it take for blackjack to dry?

Under ideal conditions, typically we recommend waiting 4-12 hours, and until the first coat is fully dry and cured all the way through the film.

Is Black Jack paintable?

It gently self-levels and smooths itself out, plus puddling in any divots or cracks, which is of course exactly what you want, to keep water from ponding or seeping in. 3) unless you have actual leaks or holes in your roof, you don’t have to paint over every seam with rubber patch sealant first like Gaco advises.

Can you coat a rubber roof?

Most rubber-coated roofs don‘t need re-roofing for decades and need negligible maintenance. Rubber roof coating is often retailed as roof insulation and is commonly recommended by roof construction/remodeling providers. … Rubber coatings also prevent homeowners from harmful rays like infrared radiation and UV rays.

Does roof coating stop leaks?

Does roof coating stop leaks? Yes, a silicone flat roof coating will seal up and stop existing roof leaks and there is no need to locate and identify each leak. A roofing contractor that knows How to apply flat roof coating can cover the entire roof which will protect the entire roof while stopping leaks.

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Can you use black jack in the rain?

Black Jack is a fast drying compound. Allow up to 24hrs to dry completely. Unaffected by water immediately after application – can be applied when rain is imminent.

Can Elasto Kool 1000 be sprayed on?

Professional Spraying Instructions: This product can be sprayed by a professional grade airless sprayer. For more specific information see our website. COVERAGE RATE: On flat metal 80 – 100 sq/ft per gal per coat.

Can you apply black jack roof coating?

Applying To Built Up Felt Roofs

Apply Black Jack and leave it to go tacky, then bond down the felt. If needed, apply another coat of Black Jack and glass membrane where required.

What is Black Jack paint?

EVERBUILD® BLACK JACK® 901 BLACK BITUMEN PAINT is a solvent-based, full-bodied black bituminous paint. When dry, the product forms an odourless and taint- free black film suitable for metal protection as well as overcoating wood and felt.

Can I use black jack on wood?

It is resistant to low concentrations of alkalis and acids and can withstand prolonged oxidation. It is suitable for application to a wide variety of materials including iron and steel, lead, zinc, aluminium, asbestos – cement, concrete, stone, wood, felt and brick and is mainly used for : … Overcoating felt/wood.

What color is Black Jack?

Black Jack: Black Jack is slightly more black than Wrought Iron, but still an off black. With an LRV of 3.9, it’s darker than Wrought Iron, but still has some softness when compared with true black.

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