How does random dice work?

Attack Speed
per Power Up +10

What does the silence Dice do in random dice?

Ability (Silence): Silences two random Dice on your board, disabling the dices’ basic attack, special effect/ability.

What is the best deck for random dice?

Random Dice Best Deck List For PvP

  • Iron + M.E. + Moon/Lunar + Growth + Joker.
  • Typhoon + Atomic + Flow + Growth + Joker.
  • M.E. + Assassin + Sacrifice + Growth + Joker.
  • Gear + Critical + Sacrifice + Growth + Joker.
  • Typhoon + Hell + Blizzard + Growth + Joker.
  • Iron + Thorn + Blizzard + Growth + Joker.

What does Leon do random dice?

Leon. Leon will trigger his first ability a couple of seconds after spawning then will only use his second ability. Leon, unlike other bosses, will trigger the first ability only once. First ability (Howl): Downgrades half of your dice on the board by 1.

What does luminous prism do random dice?

Luminous Prism

Double casts a skill(Assassin, Royal, Metastasis, Bounty, Healing, ix10, Silence, Teleport) with a certain chance.

The reasons behind the success of Random Dice are plentiful, but the most popular one has to be the fact that the game is just so much fun. Random Dice basically follows the rules of a basic defense game. … This merging strategy is also a popular game element.

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Can you play random dice on PC?

BlueStacks app player is the best platform (emulator) to play this Android game on your PC or Mac for an immersive gaming experience. Random Dice combines the intense strategic action of tower defense with an RNG flair! Roll the dice and see what tower type you get. … The longer you play, the tougher your foes!

How do you leave a crew on random dice?

You can leave the Crew by tapping the X mark in the red box shown in the above screenshot.

How do you get legendary random dice?

The easiest way to collect Legendary Dice is to claim it from the trophy reward or Card Chest. We encourage you to collect as many trophy and card from our game so that you can have more chances to obtain Legendary Dice!

How do you get trophies on random dice?

When you win PvP games, you will gain trophies which allow you to achieve a higher rank. Winning while having a win streak ongoing will give you additional trophies. After 10000 trophies, you will gain Golden Trophy instead of normal trophies. The Golden Trophy and the rewards after it will be reset when a season ends.

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