How do you’re ink a chessex dice?

Can you use Sharpie on dice?

Permanent markers: Again, this usually only works with black or metallic sharpies, but it depends on the color of the die. Simply marker in the number and rub excess off with a cloth or paper towel with just a bit of isopropyl alcohol. WARNING: Use test dice first. Set timers if soaking dice.

Can you ink dice with nail polish?

Although the nail polish and marker paint are softer than the factory material, they appear to adhere to the dice very well. If you fill a pip so the surface is significantly concave, I suspect that durability will not be an issue. Either of these methods should be much better than using crayon or Sharpie.

What resin should I use for dice?

What is the Best Resin to Use for Making Dice? It is best to use a casting resin for molds, as this type of resin has a low viscosity.

Can you paint metal dice?

This is accomplished by painting the entire die with a thin acrylic paint (black gesso works great), allowing it to dry, and then rubbing the die vigorously with a rough cloth. …

How do you clean plastic dice?

If the dice require more thorough cleaning, put a small amount of soap (such as Palmolive) on a wet paper towel, work into a lather, then gently wipe your dice and rinse in cool water.

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