How do you search profiles on Dice?

How do you find candidates on Dice?

Search Agents: Step by Step

  1. Log into Dice.
  2. Select “Post Jobs & Find Candidates” from the top menu and click “Search”
  3. Enter your search criteria and click the “Search Candidates” button.
  4. On the upper right side of the Search Results page, click the “Save Search” button.

How do you do a Boolean search on Dice?

Enter the keywords you need and select one of three options: Match All Words, Match Any Words, or Boolean. Skills listed in the Keywords field will be highlighted in yellow on the candidates’ profile and resume, allowing you to scan quickly for matches. Match all words – Same as using AND between each of the words.

How do I enable profiles on Dice?

Sign into your Dice account, navigate to your Profile or Personalized Dashboard, and locate the Visible toggle.

How can I see Dice portal views?

A: Remaining CV views can be accessed by clicking on ‘Company’ then on ‘Users and Teams’. If you click on ‘CV Users’ you will then be able to see the star t and end dates of your contract as well as total views and remaining views for the month.

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TalentSearch pricing starts at $6000.00 per user, per year. They do not have a free version. TalentSearch does not offer a free trial.

How do I save a search on dice?

Pinpoint your results by applying filters such as Likely to Switch, Total Years Experience, and Resume Last Updated. Once you’re satisfied with the search results, click Save Search & Alert (near the top right-hand side of the search results page).

Boolean searching is built on a method of symbolic logic developed by George Boole, a 19th century English mathematician. Boolean searches allow you to combine words and phrases using the words AND, OR, NOT (known as Boolean operators) to limit, broaden, or define your search.

How do I search Python developer?

Generic search string to find Python Developers

Use the OR operator to expand your search to similar job titles. Use intitle: and inurl: to look for the word “resume” (or variations like “cv” and “bio”) in page titles and page urls respectively.

Why is my profile hidden in dice?

Dice Private Email automatically hides candidate’s personal email addresses when they make their profile visible, and allows them to unsubscribe from messages they deem irrelevant. Over time, the system uses feedback about why they unsubscribed to refine which opportunities users see.

How do I search resumes on dice?

Searching Resumes in Dice

  1. Once enabled, you’ll need to enter your user credentials. …
  2. Next, navigate to Integrations and select the option to connect your Dice account. …
  3. Once activated, you can start your Boolean search in Crelate by typing in a keyword(s).
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How do I contact dice?

Contact Form

You can also call toll free, 888-321-3423(DICE), if you prefer.

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