How do I get Michigan lottery coupons?

Register for an online account, sign up for email or play Daily Spin to Win for chances to win in-store free play! All coupons can be found in the My Coupons section of your online account. Coupons may take up to 72 hours to appear within your account. Already have an account and need help?

How do I print Michigan Lottery coupons?

How do I find my coupons?

  1. Sign In from the menu. To reach the menu, select the “≡” icon in the upper left-hand corner of your screen.
  2. Select “My Coupons” from the menu.
  3. View your coupon details. Select “View Coupon” to display the printable coupon.

How do I redeem Michigan Lottery coupons?

Account-holders who win an in-store free play coupon will be presented with a link to print their coupon. Then redeem the printed ticket at any official Michigan Lottery retailer. After you win the free play, a link to print the coupon will be presented to the winner. Coupons can also be found on the My Coupons Page.

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How can I play Michigan Lottery for free?

Signing up can be done online or through the app. Use the Michigan online lottery promo code PLAYMICHIGAN50 when you sign up to get you 50 free games of instant keno on registration. There is no deposit required. Once your account is verified, you’ll need to fund it to buy tickets and play instants online.

What Michigan Lottery game has the best odds of winning?

Super Raffle offers Michigan lottery players the best odds of becoming a multi-millionaire: 1 in 100,000. Compare this to popular draw games Powerball or Mega Millions where the chances of scoring the grand jackpot hover around 1 in 300 million.

What time can you cash lottery tickets in Michigan?

All regional offices will accept claims between 7:45 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. To ensure a claim is filed with efficiency, winners must present the winning tickets and all necessary identification, including a driver’s license and Social Security card.

What time does Michigan Lottery end?

The Daily 3 Midday drawing takes place every day at 12:59 PM EST. Ticket sales close shortly before the draw, at 12:39 PM EST. The Daily 3 Evening is drawn daily at 7:29 PM EST. Ticket sales close at 7:08 PM EST.

How do you play spin and win?

Head to the Win section, fill out the form and remember the passphrase for that day. Our presenters will call the winner each day, live on air and you must answer your phone with the passphrase. Our presenters will then spin the wheel to reveal what you have won! Entries close daily (Monday – Friday) at 9:30am.

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What is free play lottery?

Players who win a Free Play coupon receives a free ticket in the next draw. Free play coupons will be used automatically on behalf of the player for the next nearest draw.

What can you do with losing scratch off tickets?

Regular old paper lottery tickets without any scratch-off sections are completely recyclable, so feel free to throw them in with your paper recycling. The easiest way to tell if an old lotto ticket is recyclable is to look for the recycling symbol on the back of it.

Can you buy lottery tickets with debit card in Michigan?

Michigan Lottery players will soon be able to manage their Lottery play with the WonCard™ Discover® debit card, a Lottery loyalty and debit card. … Besides providing easy Lottery play, as a debit card, the WonCard can be used for shopping in stores, online, by mail and by phone, everywhere Discover® is accepted.

What is the best Michigan Lottery scratch off?

Top 10 Michigan Scratch Off Odds

Rank Game Name Overall Odds
1 Worth Millions 1 in 3.03
2 Ultimate Millions 1 in 3.11
3 Cashword Millions 1 in 3.28
4 20X Cashword 1 in 3.28

Is playing the Michigan Lottery online safe?

The online lottery games in Michigan are run by the Michigan Lottery, and are subject to the same regulations and oversight as the state’s traditional lottery games. As it says on the Michigan Lottery’s website, “Signing up to play Michigan Lottery online is safe, secure, and easy!”

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