How can I check my 9ja bet slip iD?

How can I check my Bet9ja slip on my phone?

How can I check Bet9ja coupon bet slip result on my phone?

  1. Visit Bet9ja mobile website:
  2. Way down on the page, you will see the navigation menu, tap it.
  3. From the menu, search for “Check Your Bet,” and select it.
  4. Type in the Bet ID of your bet slip to confirm its status result.

How do I check my betslip?

Go to your betting site and look for the betslip section or tab on the homepage. Some websites even have unique links dedicated to checking your betslip.

How do I find my Bet9ja user ID?

Your Bet9ja User ID can be found at the top right corner of the website when you login or the last numbers located in your Bets List. Please note that it is not your username. Step 1: Visit any Quickteller/Interswitch enabled ATM.

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How can I check my Bet9ja result?

Just enter the betslip ID (your coupon code) that you have received after placing your bet or simply copy/paste it if you have it already saved on your computer. Click the Enter button or press on the green arrow button to continue. Step 4. You will now see if you have bet9ja winning ticket or not.

How do I withdraw money from Bet9ja slip?

How can you use the Bet9ja cashout feature?

  1. Click on My account in the top right corner and select BetList cashout.
  2. There, you will see all the values for bets that can be cashed out. …
  3. On the page of the bet, you will see the Cashout line and the amount you can cash out.

Does Bet9ja pay if one game cut?

Bet9ja cut 1features allows you to get paid when one game cut your ticket. However, the total amount you get in return solely depends on your game selection, total Odds and the game that cut the ticket.

How do I find my bet ID?

How do I find my bet ID?

  1. Log into your Coral Account.
  2. Select My Bets.
  3. Select Bet History.
  4. Set the From and To date to reflect when the bet was placed. The results will display automatically.
  5. Select the + next to the bet you’re interested in.
  6. The Bet ID (Bet Receipt) is provided at the top of the tab.

How do I check my Winnersgoldenbet slip on?

Use the barcode scanner to scan the barcode on your bet slip by placing your phone’s camera directly to where the barcode is located on the betting slip. If this is done correctly, you should be taken to a place where you can view your slip result, to know if you won or lost in the game.

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How do I check my bet slip on Supabets?

Please login to your Supabets account. On the menu bar select ACCOUNT and from the drop down menu select bet list. All bets placed will be displayed here with the result.

How do I log into my Bet9ja account?

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to Login To Bet9ja Account page via official link below.
  2. Login using your username and password. Login screen appears upon successful login.
  3. If you still can’t access Login To Bet9ja Account then see Troublshooting options here.

What is the meaning of user ID in Bet9ja?

If you are unaware of your bet9ja user ID, you can easily find it in the top right corner when you log in to the website. It is a number, not your username.

What is my Bet9ja reference number?

Step7 Input your Customer Reference number, which is your Unique Bet9ja UserID which can be located in the top right of the website when you login.

How do I check my booked on Bet9ja?

You can visit this page

Checking your Bet9ja booking number online

  1. Find the ‘Insert Booking Number’ field under the big yellow ‘Register Now’ option.
  2. Enter your Bet9ja booking number in the field.
  3. Click on ‘Load’ and you’ll see the information you were looking for.

How long does it take to get credited by Bet9ja?

Withdrawals to debit or credit cards usually take 3 to 5 bank working days to process. Payouts handled manually through an ordinary bank transfer are processed within 5 banking days.

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How many days does Bet9ja winning ticket last?

It is necessary to use the bonus within 7 days after it is obtained by you or it will expire.

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