Best answer: How do you cash in the Ohio Lottery app?

Now you can use your mobile device to cash winning Ohio Lottery tickets between $50-$5,000! It’s a fast, secure and convenient way to get paid. And it’s built into the Ohio Lottery mobile app. Simply scan an eligible ticket and select CASH OUT to begin the process.

How do you cash in the lottery app?

Withdrawing funds using The Lott app

Select Withdraw Funds from the Account menu. Click on the bank account you wish to withdraw into and confirm that you wish to Withdraw Funds. Enter a withdrawal amount and click the Withdraw Funds button to initiate the process.

What is lottery cash on the Ohio Lottery app?

What is Lottery Cash? Lottery Cash can be used to purchase Lottery products such as Scratch-Off or Draw games at Ohio Lottery Retailers and qualified self-service terminals.

How do you use the Ohio Lottery app?

Swipe left or right through the carousel to find and choose a game. Select your numbers, or let the app pick them for you and tap Next. Choose the number of draws, make any edits, and tap Done. Tap Show Barcode and show it to your Ohio Lottery retailer – just like a paper ticket.


What is mobile cashing?

Mobile Cashing is a secure and convenient way for you to deposit your winnings between $50 and $25,000 directly into your bank account from your mobile device.

How long does it take to get Ohio lottery winnings?

How long does it take to receive my winnings? Your winnings will be mailed to you within 30 days.

How long does it take to get your lottery winnings into the bank?

It can take 3 to 5 working days for the money to be credited to your bank account.

Which Ohio Lottery scratch off is the best?

Top 10 OH Lottery Scratch Off Odds

Rank Game Name Overall Odds
1 40th Anniversary Millions 1 in 2.66
2 Money 1 in 2.77
3 Ohio Cash Blowout 1 in 2.80
4 Extreme Millions 1 in 2.87

Can I buy lottery tickets online in Ohio?

Can I buy an Ohio Lottery ticket online? If you’re in Ohio, you may now purchase Powerball and Mega Millions tickets through; just head to!

How do you tell if a scratch off is a winner?

The updated California Lottery app, called Check-a-Ticket, allows users to immediately scan their Scratchers or newer draw game ticket to see if the have a winner. The app uses the phone camera to scan the barcode on the ticket and then automatically shows the results.

How much can you win on Cash Explosion show?

Originally, the contestants spun three individual wheels, one for each contestant. Later, this was changed to contestants spinning one wheel. A first-time champion’s winnings were augmented to $50,000, while a two-time champion earned another $50,000 for a total of $100,000.

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