Your question: What were the Powerball numbers last night for Massachusetts?

Date Result Prize
Wednesday, Jul 14, 2021 33 46 52 59 62 10 PB Power Play: x2 Est. Jackpot $137 Million
Saturday, Jul 10, 2021 1 5 29 54 62 3 PB Power Play: x2 Est. Jackpot $127 Million
Wednesday, Jul 07, 2021 8 21 30 49 57 8 PB Power Play: x2 Est. Jackpot $113 Million

Did anyone win the Powerball last night in Massachusetts?

BRAINTREE, MA – Mavis Wanczyk of Chicopee, MA is the sole winner of a $758.7 million Powerball jackpot after the numbers on her lucky ticket matched the first five winning numbers plus the Powerball (06-07-16-23-26, PB 04) selected in Wednesday night’s drawing.

What days are Powerball Ma?

Massachusetts Powerball drawings take place twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

What was the Powerball numbers for 2021?

Winning numbers, live results (8/7/2021) The Powerball jackpot for Wednesday’s lottery drawing has increased to an estimated $226 million, with a cash option of $164.8 million. The winning numbers were: 60, 54, 36, 24 and 7. Powerball: 23.

What time is the Massachusetts Powerball drawing tonight?

Massachusetts Powerball drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday at 10:59 p.m. ET.

Does 2 numbers in Powerball win anything?

2 numbers plus the Powerball – $7

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If your ticket matches two numbers and the Powerball you’ll get $7 but the odds to get there begin to skyrocket to 1 in 701.

Where was the last winning Powerball ticket sold?

$285.6 million Powerball winning ticket sold in Florida

The winning ticket was sold at the Circle K on Chaffee Road South in Jacksonville. It is the 16th time the Powerball has been won in Florida, lottery officials announced Monday.

Does 3 numbers win on Powerball?

The chance of winning a Division 1 prize in Powerball is 1 in 134,490,400. However, the chance of winning any division prize with a single game in Powerball is 1 in 44!

Odds of Winning.

Division Match Odds
Division 7 Any 5 main winning numbers 1:892
Division 8 Any 3 main winning numbers and the Powerball 1:188

How much is Powerball in MA?

Each Powerball play costs $2. To play the same numbers for multiple drawings, mark the number of drawings you want. This applies to all plays. To multiply your non-jackpot prizes up to 10 times, mark Power Play for an extra $1 per play, per drawing.

How many number do you need to win Powerball?

There are nine different ways to win Powerball prizes in every draw, based on how many numbers you match. You can win $4 just for matching the Powerball, while the jackpot is won by matching all five main numbers plus the Powerball.

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