Who owns Colusa Casino?

Colusa Casino Resort is owned and operated by the Cachil Dehe Band of Wintun Indians.

What city is Colusa Casino in?

For 24/7 information and reservations with a personal touch, please call (530) 458-8844. Location Colusa Casino Resort is located about 50 miles north east of Sacramento, CA and just 12 miles from Interstate 5 at Williams, CA.

Does Colusa Casino serve alcohol?

3 answers. they have a bar serving beer and wine.

How far is Colusa Casino from Chico?

Casinos Near Colusa Casino Resort

Distance (miles) Casino
36.4 Casino Chico find on map 968 East Avenue, Chico, California
43.7 Rolling Hills Casino Resort find on map 2655 Everett Freeman Way, Corning, California
46.3 Robinson Rancheria Resort & Casino find on map 1545 East Highway 20, Nice, California

Does Colusa Casino have RV parking?

Colusa Casino Resort – RV parking | Established Campground

RV parking at a casino just off the 5 highway. Great place to stop for a night. Plenty of space for big rigs. … Wifi is available at the casino too.

How do you spell Colusa?

The official name of Colusi County went on record and, in 1856, the spelling was changed to Colusa. View more about Colusa County’s history.

What county is Colusa California in?

What is Colusa zip code?

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