Which statement best expresses the theme of the story the bet?

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What is the theme of the story the bet?

Anton Chekhov’s short story “The Bet” is fundamentally about the meaning of life, and this is the main theme of the story. Chekhov explores what that meaning might be, and in order to do so, he also explores other themes, such as crime and punishment, freedom and imprisonment, and loneliness and greed.

Which statement expresses a theme in the story the bet?

Explanation: One of the great themes presented in “The bet” is greed and how it leads to terrible and very harmful situations for people. In other words, the text shows that greed is harmful and does not promote the progress of human beings, in addition to leading to very difficult consequences to deal with.

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What is the theme of the story the bet quizlet?

Greed can corrupt men. Because of a bet, a man decides to commit murder.

How does the lawyer provoke the bankers decision to place the bet?

The lawyer provoked the banker’s decision to place the bet by proposing that he will remain in solitary confinement even longer than the banker suggests. The Banker places the bet on the confidence that capital punishment kills a person but lifetime imprisonment is worse than death.

What literary devices are used in the bet?

Throughout “The Bet,” Chekhov employs a variety of literary devices to create a sense of realism. He uses a concise two-part story structure, ample metaphors and similes, and frequent foreshadowing to delineate between the two main characters and drive the plot forward.

What is the symbolism in the bet?

The key symbolizes both the confinement and the possibility of the lawyer’s freedom, but also two other things. It symbolizes the bet itself since the key controls the playing field for the bet, and it symbolizes the banker’s control over the situation.

What is the banker’s intention?

The banker was so criminal minded that he thought that if he kills the prisoner,suspicion would first fall upon the watchman as he was not found there. So for carrying out his intention of killing the lawyer so that he could escape himself from giving away the two million,he called for the watchman.

What is the conflict in the story the bet?

Anton Chekhov’s “The Bet” focuses on a conflict between a banker and a young lawyer who enter into a disagreement at a party hosted by the banker. While the banker believes that capital punishment is more humane than life imprisonment, the lawyer claims that he would choose life imprisonment over a death sentence.

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Which statement best expresses a theme of this short story The Devil?

The line of La Rapet, where she settles her amount for six francs is the best statement to explain the theme of this story.

How does diction affect theme in a story quizlet?

How does diction affect theme in a story? … It creates a struggle that advances the plot, which creates the theme.

What motivates the lawyer to participate in the bet?

After all, his main motivation was trifling and impulsive. … The lawyer, on the other hand, is motivated by his belief, which he expresses eloquently the night of the bet and by the dream of winning a fortune.

What did the lawyer learn about life that caused him to not collect on the bet?

The lawyer wants to prove that life imprisonment is more human than the death penalty and collect $2,000,000. … The lawyer decides not to take the money. During his confinement, he learns that money and possessions aren’t the most important things in life.

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