What is the opposite of a bet?

dissuade. Verb. ▲ Opposite of to bet money or something else in a gamble.

What is the synonym of bet?

1’most people would bet their life savings on the prospect’ wager, gamble, stake, risk, venture, hazard, chance, lay down, put, place. lay money, put money, lay bets, speculate, try one’s luck. British informal have a flutter, chance one’s arm, punt.

What is the opposite of wager?

Opposite of to bet money or something else in a gamble. ascend. rise. neglect.

What do you call a bad bet?

synonyms for poor bet

also-ran. long shot. sleeper. underdog. hundred-to-one shot.

What is the opposite of all bets are off?

enact. establish. support. free.

What is bet in slang?

“Bet” is used when you’re in agreement with something. If someone makes plans and you say “bet,” that means you are confirming said plan. Don’t Trip.

Is better than synonyms?


  • surpass. verb. to be better or greater than something else.
  • outdo. verb. to be better than someone else at doing something.
  • rise above. phrasal verb. to be better than other things of the same type.
  • beat. verb. …
  • outshine. verb. …
  • overtake. verb. …
  • be more than a match for someone. phrase. …
  • be in a class of your/its own. phrase.
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What is a friendly bet?

A friendly wager is distinct from a serious wager in that the bet is made between people who have a personal relationship, and the winnings are typically insignificant and non-monetary. Community politicians often make friendly wagers when teams from their home states or home towns compete.

What is the difference between a wager and a bet?

A wager is something deposited on the outcome of some event, while a bet is an agreement between two parties that some payout will occur based on the outcome of some event.

What does s u mean in football?

In sports betting terminology, SU is an abbreviation for “Straight Up”, which refers to the record of a team without factoring in the spread.

How much is a dime in gambling?

A “dime” is a wager of $1,000. According to Bob, typical bets on regular-season NFL or NBA games can be in any amount, but some illegal bookies might require a minimum bet in this quantity.

How much is a nickel in gambling?

Nickel: Jargon for a $500 bet. Usually used with bookies; if you bet “a nickel,” that means a $500 wager.

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