What happened in the fair a game of chance?

One day, Rasheed goes with his uncle and domestic help to the fair. They are looking around when they find the Lucky Shop. They notice that everyone pays 50 paise to try their luck. A man wins a clock and sells it back to the shopkeeper for 15 rupees.

What was Rasheed fault at the fair?

What was Rasheed’s fault at the fair? Answer: Rasheed’s fault was that he did not pay heed to the advice of his uncle. He told him not to buy anything nor to go too far away in his absence.

What is the moral of the story a game of chance?

Moral of the story

In this story, we see that old man and the boy lured Rasheed into the gambling game. This story teaches us that we should think rationally. If a person is giving an article at a lower price, there may be some trick or reason behind it.

What happened when Uncle left them in the fair?

Rasheed’s uncle left him to look around the fair with the servant and instructed him neither to buy anything nor to go too far in his absence. Rasheed gave him a word to do the same. Rasheed and the servant took a round of the fair and stopped before the Lucky Shop.

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Who took Rashid to the fair?

It attracted tradesmen from far and wide. Rasheed too went to the fair with his servant and his uncle. There he watched a shopkeeper rewarding the persons who staked their money with costly prizes. The game was played with six numbered discs.

Why was Rasheed upset answer?

Rasheed was upset because he had hopes of winning a big prize and he continued trying his luck again and again. … The shopkeeper made a fool of Rasheed by making him believe that it was luck that got the old man and the boy their prizes.

What happened to the crow in the end class 6?

(i) In the end, the crow got bitten by the cobra and it fell dead.

Why did Rasheed uncle leave him with Bhaiya in the fair?

Answer: He met a few of his friends. Question 8. Why was Uncle leading the narrator and Bhaiya in the fair? Answer: Because of the crowd in the fair.

How many prizes did the boy win what were they class 6?

The boy won four prizes-a combs, a fountain pen, a wristwatch, and a table lamp.

Why did Rasheed lose all his money at the Lucky shop?

Rasheed was tempted to try his luck and win some big prize. He took several chances but won no expensive item. Thus, he lost all his money.

Why was Rasheed upset 6 Ncert?

Rasheed was upset because he hoped to win a big prize at the Lucky Shop, but he continued trying his luck again and again. However, every time he just got a trifle. He played until he finished all his money. Seeing this, some people were laughing at his bad luck, but nobody showed him any sympathy.

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