What does suspended bet mean coral?

When a Partial Cash Out button is present in the bet slip, your bet is available for cash out. However, if your bet is not available for cash out, you will see a suspended button.

What happens when a bet is suspended?

You can’t place bets when a betting market is suspended, and you also won’t be able to cash out any bets you placed before or during the event while the market is suspended – hence the expression ‘suspended bet’.

Why Does My bet says suspended?

In-play football betting is normally suspended for short periods of the game after a major event has occurred such as a goal or a player is sent-off. These suspensions are normally only for a few seconds while the odds are reformulated.

What does it mean match suspended?

A suspended game in baseball occurs when a game has to be stopped before it can be completed, and the game is meant to be finished at a later time or date.

What does SUs mean on coral?

Seeding and monitoring of seeding units (SUs) in different levels of structural complexity. The two tetrapod types with coral settlers were seeded in reef areas with (a) Low, (b) Medium, and (c) High levels of structural complexity.

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Why has my bet been suspended Ladbrokes?

Ladbrokes may not allow you to Cash Out your bet for a number of reasons. … Your bet contains markets that are not eligible for Cash Out. One or more of the markets in the bet is suspended. A free bet has been used to place the bet.

What happens if a match is Cancelled betway?

If a match is cancelled, then bets will be void unless replayed within 36 hours of its starting time. Unless a price is quoted for the draw, in the event of a draw, all bets will be void.

Why is my account suspended Sky Bet?

Your account may be locked if you have attempted to login with an incorrect pin too many times. To unlock your account please use the link below.

Why is my bet suspended William Hill?

There are a number of reasons why your William Hill account may have been suspended, ranging from age verification problems to banking or depositing issues. To get a clear answer on what is going on you will need to contact William Hill customer support and get their help removing the suspensions on your account.

What does suspended mean on Sky Bet?

That’s correct Luke, a suspended selection means that Cash Out isn’t available.

How long do tennis matches get suspended for?

In all matches that are suspended (rain, darkness, lightning) the same balls are put back in play once the match resumes. If the delay is longer than fifteen minutes, the players are entitled to a re-warmup with used balls, then the match balls are put back in play once play resumes.

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