What are the odds of winning deaf lottery?

The odds of winning first prize in the Deaf Lottery are typically 1 in 200,000 but can vary depending on the number of tickets in each draw. The more tickets you buy, the better chance you have of winning!

Does anyone ever win the deaf lottery?

Adam is currently the biggest Deaf Lottery winner, winning the $650,000 1st prize and an additional $55,000 Book Buyer Prize.

Is the Deaf Lottery legitimate?

The Deaf Lotto home lottery is held by Deaf Services – a non-profit organization that ensures sufficient support for the deaf and the hard of hearing individuals in Australia.

Which lottery in Australia has the best odds?

If you want the best odds go with the Saturday Lotto, and its smaller siblings the Monday and Wednesday Lotto games. If you want the biggest jackpots then the Oz Lotto is the game for you.

What are the odds of winning a prize home?

The total value of the prize of the home to be won is $1,901,192. So if you’re purely after a new home (and you don’t care about the numerous smaller bonus prizes on offer), then your odds of winning are one in 8.5 million.

Is the deaf lottery tax deductible?

Are Deaf Lottery tickets tax deductable? … Donations of $2 and over are tax deductible. You can make a donation here.

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Who won Deaf Lottery 188?

They say hard work pays off, and this is definitely the case for our Deaf Lottery 188 winner, Steve from South Australia!

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