Is the boondocks on BET?

Was The Boondocks on BET?

It was launched in 1980, and was purchased by Viacom in 2001. Aaron McGruder, creator of The Boondocks comic strip and TV series, is a very vocal opponent of BET, which he blames for dumbing down black people and their pop culture.

Why did The Boondocks hate BET?

When BET executives learned of the shows, they complained to Turner-owned Cartoon Networks and Sony Pictures Television, which produces “The Boondocks,” and urged that they be blocked from broadcast, according to sources close to the program who requested anonymity for fear of network reprisal.

What do you do when you can’t do nothing but there’s nothing you can do?

Huey: Granddad, what do you do when you can’t do nothing, but there’s nothing you can do? Granddad: You do what you can. You know what we can do? Fight.

Who is the CEO of BET?

What happened to Thugnificent?

In “Bitches To Rags” it is revealed that Thugnificent has a bachelor’s degree in Communications and that his record sales and popularity have been in sharp decline; by the end of the episode his home is foreclosed and his belongings auctioned to pay his debts.

Why is The Boondocks censored on HBO Max?

HBO Max has quietly removed episodes of Adult Swim favorites The Boondocks and Aqua Teen Hunger Force from their platform. The reason offered was to cater to current cultural sensitivities, a common trend in the new age of streaming.

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Is The Boondocks censored?

Same as the U.S. broadcasting, but only nudity and strong language were fully censored.

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