How do you identify bone dice?

BONE CHIPS — The key distinguishing features of bone chips are the short, usually dark (from soiling), porous cracks in the surface. They run in the same direction. Many bone chips do not have the lines as pronounced as in the samples above. Often they are hard to see, but look close, and you should find them.

Are dice collectable?

Cancelled dice are still collectable as long as they don’t have logos and markings too heavily defaced. Collectors usually want dice that have actually been used and played with in their particular casino. Ordinary standard dice come in many different materials and from all over the world.

What are chessex dice used for?

Chessex Manufacturing is an American company that sells dice, primarily for the role-playing game (RPG) and collectible card game (CCG) market. It also offers other accessories used in RPGs and CCGs.


Type Private
Headquarters Fort Wayne, IN , United States

What are vintage dice made of?

Antique dice are obviously not made from modern plastics. Materials used to make dice through the centuries are many, including ivory, bone, pottery, stone, marble, wood, silver, and more.

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