How do they assemble when it is time to begin the ceremony in the lottery?

Standing together and gossiping. How do they assemble when it is time to begin the ceremony? Coming together in family groups. … Slips will be put in the box for every member of the Hutchinson family.

What is being used for the first time this year the lottery?

Q. What is being used for the first time this year? A new black box.

Who gathers in the town square and how do they arrange themselves?

Every summer on June 27th people of a small town gather in the town square for a town lottery. The village children run around and collect stones and pile them before the lottery starts. The men gather next followed by the women. The families are then called to stand together.

Who conducted the ceremony in the lottery?

The lottery is carried on by Mr. Summers, who own the coal company, and Mr. Graves, the postmaster.

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How do most villagers seem to regard the lottery?

How do most of the villagers appear to regard the lottery? They hate it. They are confused by it. They look forward to it.

What important preparation is made a night before the lottery?

The night before the drawing the two men prepare slips for every household in the community–but not for every individual member of every household. The night before the lottery, Mr. Summers and Mr. Graves made up the slips of paper and put them in the box, and it was then taken to the safe of Mr.

Why does the town hold a lottery every year?

The lottery’s origins are steeped in the superstitious belief that one innocent villager must be sacrificed each year in order to increase the harvest yield. … Simply put, the villagers continue to participate in the lottery because it is a tradition.

Why did they throw stones at Tessie?

Expert Answers

In the story, the “chosen one” is Tessie Hutchinson. The meaning of the villagers throwing stones is both literal and symbolic. On the literal end, the villagers literally circle around one individual in the village and pelt that person with stones until they are dead.

Why does Tessie think the lottery is unfair?

Tessie thinks the lottery is unfair because she won. If someone else won, she would not have complained at all. … This is an example of situational irony in that the readers do not expect that the winner of the lottery will be killed.

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Why was Tessie late at the gathering to hold the lottery?

Why was Tessie late to arrive at the gathering to hold the lottery? She started to leave town to protest the lottery. She ran away but was caught and returned. She wasn’t late–she was the first to arrive.

What does the black box symbolize in the lottery?

The Black Box

The shabby black box represents both the tradition of the lottery and the illogic of the villagers’ loyalty to it. The black box is nearly falling apart, hardly even black anymore after years of use and storage, but the villagers are unwilling to replace it.

Does Tessie die in the lottery?

Ultimately Tessie ends up with the final dot and is stoned to death. Tessie first condones this behavior but protests immediately when it affects her. In “The Lottery,” Tessie arrives late and makes a joke on her arrival.

Who got the first slip with a black spot in the lottery?

Bill Hutchinson went over to his wife and forced the slip of paper out of her hand. It had a black spot on it, the black spot Mr. Summers had made the night before with the heavy pencil in the coal-company office.

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