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Flash game Crazy Digger / Flash games Arcade

Crazy Digger

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Scores Achievements Refresh MicDuk  17


Oldricky  37


















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Scores Achievements

10 points Not received Dig 1000 tiles.
50 points Not received Complete the game.
Crazy King
100 points Not received Complete all levels for Gold.
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About flash game:
Collect all diamonds to complete level. Dig through green tiles and don't let stones and diamonds to fall on your head.

Added by: Pipkin 100

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Rating: 1/52/53/54/55/5 (Avg: 5.00)

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Jud. 253353153

jjwood 15
04.10.2013 20:51

Really nicely done. Very good control and response

Jud. 251351151

MicDuk 17
25.07.2013 02:40

I found faster ways :)

Jud. 250350150

MicDuk 17
26.06.2013 04:00

how are scores over 72000 possible? i earned every gold medal and i don t find any faster way in each level. someone please help me.

Jud. 249349149

Oldricky 37
26.04.2013 14:19

The level 13 is surprising. You can before make a map on paper and a best short way appear.

Jud. 248348148

Oldricky 37
26.04.2013 00:20

terrific game!

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